Our Drainage Solutions

We Recycle 100% of all Collected Liquid Waste

To maintain our vision of protecting our community and environment, GD Environmental ensures all wet waste collected from your property will be recycled at our treatment facility in Newport.

24/7 Emergency Call-Out

In case of an emergency, whether it’s a blocked drain or overflowing cesspit, our team of operatives work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can provide efficient emergency response times.

CCTV Drain Survey

Can't Detect Where Your Leak is Coming From?

GD Environmental offers CCTV drain surveys to households who believe they have a leak or blockage in their drains that cannot be detected through usual methods. Other homeowners may require this type of survey to qualify for their mortgage.

We Survey Any Size Drain

We conduct accurate and consistent drain and manhole surveys across Wales and the West Country, with the capability to survey any sized drain, from a small 50mm to a larger one metre-plus drain.

Industry-Leading Operatives

Our drain pipe and manhole surveying services are performed by highly-skilled and experienced operatives - industry leaders in operating both the remote crawler units and push rod drain surveying systems.

We Can Perform Many Types of Survey

The specialist GD Environmental team also operates proficient CCTV equipment that is able to handle an impressive range of tasks and challenges:

  • Drain Pipe Surveys
  • Drainage Surveys
  • Oil Pipe Surveys
  • Excavations Surveys

All of the recorded information is backed up onto a DVD for reference. Once the necessary findings are sourced, GD Environmental works with its domestic customers to provide effective drainage solutions for any issues discovered.

Wet Waste Disposal

Operating liquid waste disposal services across Wales and the West Country, GD Environmental has built up a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the collection of all forms of liquid waste, including contaminated water and waste water.

How Can GD Environmental Help With Wet Waste Removal?

Licensed by the Environmental Agency, we can guarantee that all waste we collect, transport and process is conducted in accordance with environmental regulatory framework.

So, if you are suffering from the consequences of flooding or excess water collection, our diverse range of vacuum tankers and water treatment recycling plant, are capable of responding quickly before any further damage to your home or the environment is caused.

To learn more about our liquid waste management and removal skills, or any of our other waste disposal services tweet us @GDEnvironmental or contact us here.

Blocked Drains

Block drain jetting and clearance

GD Environmental delivers a comprehensive blocked drain jetting and clearance service to homes across Wales and the West Country.

Symptoms of a Blocked Drain

You may be experiencing a blockage if you notice gurgles, slow water draining or bad smells coming from drains in your garden or house.

Blockages can be caused by many materials and factors, including a build-up of the following:

  • Fats
  • Oils
  • Grease or soaps
  • Dirt
  • Silt
  • Leaves
  • Foreign objects
  • A structural defect like roots, corrosion or subsidence

The consequences of a blocked drain can be serious if you do not remove the obstruction, clean the drain or repair any defects, including bad smells, a collapsed sewer pipe or a toilet overflowing.

Our Dedicated Drain Cleaning Team

GD Environmental's dedicated drain cleaning team not only unblocks drains of unwanted debris, we safely remove all unwanted stone, sludge and waste water and clean your drains to deter future drainage problems.

In the unlikely event that GD Environmental is unable to unblock your drain, we may suggest carrying out a CCTV inspection, a tool which visually displays the default.

Cesspit Emptying

Speedy and Flexible Domestic Cesspit Emptying

If you’re based in a remote location, you may not have your drainage system connected to the main sewer, therefore it is vital that you regularly maintain your septic tank or cesspit, which collects your wet household waste.

GD Environmental is experienced in emptying cesspits and septic tanks for domestic homes in a speedy and flexible manner; we work with long hoses that facilitate access to the back of your house and can perform an initial site visit if required.

24hr Emergency Call Out

For peace of mind, we also offer an emergency call-out service for any cesspits or septic tanks that become blocked or overflow. Our team will be onsite to rectify the situation within 24 hours of your call.

Keep Your Cesspit Free from Blockages

To keep your septic tank or cesspit working exactly as it should be, without the disruption caused by blockages and overflows, it needs to be emptied frequently.

The frequency with which your cesspit or septic tank needs emptying depends on the size and type of your tank, as well as the number of occupants living at your property. The GD Environmental team would recommend that you empty your cesspit or septic tank at least every six to twelve months, effectively deterring the build-up of sludge that can occur.

To book a Drain Survey or discuss specific requirements in more detail, please contact us on 01633 277 755.