In-House Bespoke Waste Management Facilities

GD Environmental is a market leader within the provision of specialist waste management. At our bespoke waste treatment facilities in Newport and Llanelli, we are capable of satisfying any waste disposal or drainage requirements.

Fully-Accredited and Licensed

GD Environmental is an ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited company, which has a wealth of resources to satisfy all hazardous and non-hazardous waste management requirements.

Japanese Knotweed Treatment

What is Japanese Knotweed?

Recognised as a non-hazardous, invasive species, Japanese knotweed has become the bane of many rural areas of the UK. Not only can it seriously damage your commercial property, but it can dramatically decrease its market value.

We Safely Remove Japanese Knotweed

GD Environmental understands the importance of safely and comprehensively removing Japanese knotweed and treating areas that have been contaminated, to ensure the problem does not occur again in the future. We have been providing removals services for Japanese knotweed in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol for many years now.

Our Staged Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Our team provides the following stage-by-stage Japanese Knotweed treatment and disposal service to commercial properties in Wales and the West Country:

Stage 1 – Site Survey

We would always recommend that our customers treat knotweed as soon as it becomes visible; the longer you leave it to grow, the more difficult and costly the removal process becomes. GD Environmental can provide an onsite survey to identify the scope of the knotweed growth and recommend the best form of treatment.

Stage 2 – Removal and Treatment of Japanese Knotweed

Our first approach to knotweed removal is to isolate the knotweed prior to commencing work, to ensure any disturbance of the plant, by workers, vehicles or members of the public, does not cause the problem to escalate.

Post isolation, we have several methods to remove and treat areas contaminated with Japanese knotweed, including excavation, herbicide Injection, glyphosate injection, foundation treatment and incineration.

Stage 3 – Site Clearance and Guarantee

Following the treatment and removal of all knotweed waste and contaminated soils, GD Environmental will ensure that the knotweed is disposed of in a suitably licensed facility.

Environmental Cleaning

A Healthier and Safer Working Environment

GD Environmental provides environmental cleaning services and specialist waste disposal that create a healthier and safer working environment for your employees.

Minimum Disruption to Business Activity

To ensure our services are discreet and do not interrupt business activity, we are experienced in working intensively to clean industrial and commercial sites during shutdown periods.

Problems with Birds and Their Mess?

A factor of environmental concern is bird faeces, which is classed as bio waste and can become a bio-hazard to anyone within close proximity.

GD Environmental can safely clean all contaminated areas and remove all live birds from required sections of your property. While working on site, we follow strict procedures to reduce the risk of disease spreading, by sealing heating and cooling air ducts, wearing appropriate biohazard suits and spraying all bird waste with the appropriate chemicals.

Advice and Operational Support

It is vital that you operate within the stringent health, safety and environmental regulatory framework. Our team will provide the advice and operational support you need to satisfy these standards of operation.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services

Operating across Wales and the West Country, GD Environmental offers a comprehensive site clearance and site cleaning service to both commercial and industrial facilities. Our licensed service and experienced staff can offer many industrial cleaning services.

Industrial Cleaning Services:

  • Plant Cleaning Services
  • Shop Floor Cleaning Services
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services
  • Interceptor Emptying Services
  • Environmental Cleaning Services
  • Site Maintenance and Site Shutdown Services
  • Site Clearance and Plant Decommissioning
  • Specialist Waste Disposal

Asbestos Survey and Disposal

Asbestos Survey, Removal and Transfer

It is believed that over half a million commercial properties in the UK still house asbestos materials. The GD Environmental team is specially trained to complete asbestos surveying, transfer and disposal services, as regulated by the Environment Agency Wales.

Our Services Include:

  • Approved to Provide Comprehensive Domestic Surveys
  • Licensed for Collecting Cement Bonded and Fibrous Asbestos
  • Collections of Any Asbestos Quantity from as Small as one Bag or Broken Sheet
  • Provision of Enclosed Skips
  • Full Asbestos Dismantling and Removal Service
  • Fly-Tipped Collection and Clean-Up Service
  • Rental of Decontamination Units (DCU)
  • We Can Transfer All Types of Aspestos

We offer approved drivers, licensed to transport all types of asbestos and hazardous waste and professionally operate one of the few asbestos transfer stations in Wales and the West Country. They can accept all forms of cement bonded asbestos, fibrous asbestos and plasterboard.

UK Wide Emergency Asbestos Collection

In the event of an emergency, GD Environmental has the capability to provide an efficient response service to any location across the UK. This quick turnaround is to reduce the impact of any fly-tipped asbestos on both the public's health and the environment.

We Can Provide a Range of Decontamination Units (DU)

Available for short or long term hire, GD Environmental can also provide a range of decontamination units (DCUs), most suitable for projects where hazardous waste or asbestos may be an issue. These specialist units allow personnel exposed to hazardous substances to shower and change. The DCUs can be self-contained or mains connected for maximum flexibility. The water that is used in the shower is filtered before leaving the DCU to ensure that no fibers escape.

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)

Specialist Knowledge of European Waste Exports

With vast experience in the waste recycling sector, and specialist knowledge of European waste exports, GD Environmental offers a waste-to-energy solution through the production and exportation of high-quality RDF, whilst achieving a 100% landfill diversion rate.

Exporting and Sorting

GD Environmental has the technology that effectively sorts, wraps and bail residual waste, where it is exported for recovery in Europe where the RDF is used as a fossil fuel replacement.

If your business would like to discuss its specialist waste disposal requirements or find out more about our services, please contact us on 01633 277 755 (Newport) or 01554 773 324 (Llanelli).

If your business would like to discuss its specialist requirements or find out more about our services, please contact us on 01633 277 755 (Newport) 01554 773 324 (Llanelli).