Why you should never throw away your precious metals

December 6, 2016
Precious metals don't grow on trees, and yet many of us are carelessly sending precious metals to landfill every year. You may already know about GD Environmental's generous rebate on scrap metals such as copper and steel, but are you aware of all the precious metals hiding away in your electronic goods? A fortune in precious metals is sent to landfill each year when it could be recycled. Not only is this waste of money and of finite resources - it is also very unsustainable.
Gold, silver, copper, tin, cobalt and palladium are just some of the metals found in electronic goods. There is, of course, only a small amount in each device. These small amounts add up, however, and the impacts of mining for them and the processing involved means that they come with a huge environmental cost. Often, the poorest in society face the consequences of consumerism. When you turn to a reputable waste management company like GD Environmental, you are ensuring that these precious metals are recycled and, therefore, that less mining has must be done to meet global demands for all the latest technology.

There are many environmental objections to the extractions of precious metals. Mining can destroy local ecosystems, clog waterways and deplete basic resources such as soil and water. It can pollute marine environments, even miles away from the mine itself, and often causes a significant risk to human health through air, soil and water pollution. What's more, unsustainable practice often worsens the conditions for local communities economically as well as environmentally.

If we care about our planet and its people, we all have to do our bit to make sure we take care of the precious metals we have, and that means making sure that the items in which they are used are recycled at the end of their useful lives. Let GD Environmental help you to do just that - call us today.