Why recycle waste materials

January 18, 2017
Each year, the UK produces a whopping 290 million tonnes of waste. This incredible amount can have severe effects on the environment, which is why we should all be thinking about how to manage our waste effectively.Much of the waste we produce is dumped in landfill sites, which can pollute soil and water and cause great harm to wildlife and animals.

By managing our waste, we can help preserve the environment with great effect. By choosing to recycle, we can save energy and reduce raw material extraction.

Plastic recycling

Almost all plastics can be recycled, and as we use this material for a number of products and packaging purposes, it's time to make a difference on how we manage the waste. In the UK, 9% of discarded waste is plastic; therefore, this large percentage can have detrimental effects if disposed of carelessly.

Glass recycling

100% of glass that is recycled can be used to create new products, which is another aspect to consider when conserving the environment. Currently, 1,500,000 tonnes of glass are recycled every single year - some of it being over 20 years old - in order to create new products. It’s quite remarkable that 315kg of Carbon Dioxide can be reduced with every tonne of glass that is recycled.

How we can help

If you’re unsure about how to go about managing your waste, our team can provide expert services and advice to lead you on the right track. If you have a large amount of recyclable material, we suggest you take it to a local recycling station where the hard work is taken off your hands. We then collect your waste and dispose of it responsibly. 

We have our very own plastic recycling facility which grade and shred your plastics into granules so that they are well on their way to reach the next step of their recycling journey.

For more information on waste disposal, please contact GD Environmental at any of our sites today; Newport, Pontypool or Llanelli.