Where is the best place to put your skip?

November 22, 2016

Hiring a skip is a convenient way to clear out rubbish or when having renovation work. You'll need to decide where to place the skip before the skip lorry arrives, here are a few things to consider.




Wherever you place the skip, make sure you have easy access to your property, and that vehicles can get in and out of driveways. Your skip should be located as near as possible to where you need to fill it.


Off road


Sometimes the most practical place to locate your skip is off the road, on your own private land, whether this is your driveway, garden, yard or field. If you locate it on a grass verge outside your property, make certain that this is your land.


The skip lorry driver should be able to easily access the place you want your skip, so check the area is wide enough for loading and unloading, and provide the driver with clear instructions. Bear in mind that when a full skip is being taken away after use, the lorry needs to exert pressure on the ground to lift it, which may cause a dent in soft tarmac. 


On road


If you don't have space available to place a skip on your own property, you may be able to put it on the roadside. You may need to get a permit from the local council for this, depending on where you live. GD Environmental can organise this for you at no additional cost. It is still important to think about access issues if you put a skip on the road, so that other vehicles can easily pass, and it isn't causing an obstruction.


Other options


If there is no space on the road to place a skip, there are other options you could consider. Did you know that GD Environmental offers a wait while load service? We will wait while you load the skip. We also offer self -tipping, a collection service plus more.


Contact GD Environmental today to discuss your skip hire needs, and see how we can help you out.