When Being Green Goes Yellow: Pee-Cycling

December 24, 2015

Okay… not that this may be to everyone’s taste (as some do drink the stuff!) but as we want to encourage our readers to re-use and recycle what they can. And this being a waste we all produce, let’s discover the weird and wonderful uses for our recycled urine.




Garden Showers

Despite some studies demonstrating it has various health benefits and I’m sure we have all seen Bear Grylls doing it on the TV, drinking your own urine may not be something that appeals to your appetite.

However, the plants in your garden would beg to differ. Plus, ‘watering’ your shrubbery and vegetables with the golden nectar could make them grow up to four times larger than with regular water. This is because human urine contains the essential vitamins for plant growth: nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Although, rather than urinating directly on to them, due to urine being quite strong, it may be wise to dilute your wee before giving your garden a little drink.

Gardening top tips:

  • Use neat, first wee of the day to kill off pesky garden weeds!
  • Give sun-faded garden furniture back their glow by scrubbing it with diluted urine (it’s also good with any tough stains and cleaning garden paving).
  • Add wee to your compost heap to make it more luxurious. 




Get Your Teeth Stuck In

Some studies suggest that urine can help to solve a whole host of dental ailments including:

  • Toothache
  • The firming up of loose teeth
  • Healing of gingivitis and bleeding gums
  • Healing of sores and abscesses

It was also used in Roman times for teeth whitening. A urine soaked smile would surely make you pucker up!

In fact, the former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, who lived until the ripe old age of 99 was an avid urine drinker and felt that it helped the cures for all diseases of the teeth, eyes and skin.




Upcycled Pee-Shirts

Some of your beloved wardrobe items looking a bit drab? Why not add some homemade sparkle? Yes, with pee!

Popular in the 16th century, British families would collect their household urine in their chamber pots to get their colours brighter when dying fabrics. In fact, the demand was so high for urine during this boom in the textile industry, smaller cities would often import it.

Top tip: Stale urine is awesome for tie-dying due to its high level of ammonia




That Pee is Electrifying!

A group of teenagers from Nigeria actually create electricity through urine. By separating and purifying the urine’s hydrogen via an electronic cell, they managed to produce six hours of electricity to run a small generator from one litre of pee.

Also developed is a pee pee powered mobile phone charger. Now wouldn’t that be handy when you’re on the go? We can only imagine what other recycling companies have thought up!

Whatever your thoughts on re-using your urine, it is a good advocate for re-using our own wet waste and sustainability recycling.

Our wet waste removal experts here at GD Environmental can give you a helping hand to make sure your waste disposal remains as eco-friendly as possible.

From cesspit drainage (for that bit more than just pee), to CCTV surveying of blocked drains, we can help keep your pipes flowing smoothly and help your pee not go to waste.





 (Images from: SuSanA Secretariat  (CC BY 2.0) ,Zdenko Zivkovic  (CC BY 2.0) ,  Paul Downey (CC BY 2.0) ,Orin Zebest (CC BY 2.0), SuSanA Secretariat (CC BY 2.0))