What's the main cause of your blocked drains?

November 29, 2016

There are lots of things that can cause a blocked drain, depending on where the drain is. Although a blocked drain is a common problem, it's important to get it fixed immediately to prevent more costly and time-consuming problems from occurring. Here are some of the main reasons your drains might get blocked.


Kitchen waste


A blocked kitchen drain is most likely due to food debris, cooking oils and grease clogging up the pipes, which prevents the easy flow of liquids. Fats and oils, in particular, are sticky, meaning they attach to the inside of the pipe and any substances passing through it, which can form solid masses. To avoid this, don't pour oils or fats down the sink, scrape food off plates before washing and use detergents that can break grease down. If you use a dishwasher, liquid detergents will dissolve easier than tablet ones, which may form lumps in your drain if not broken down properly.


Garden debris


Outside drains, especially those attached to roof guttering, can easily get blocked from a build up of garden debris, such as fallen leaves, twigs and other foliage. When these are washed down the drain by rainwater, they can form a muddy mass that can cause an obstruction in your drain. Tree roots can also cause pipes to crack, which can create blockages. Keep on top of garden maintenance, especially during autumn, to prevent outside blocked drains.




A common cause of a blocked drain is a build up of hair that has passed through the plughole in a bathroom. Over time, this can obstruct the flow of water, causing a blockage. There are products you can buy to prevent hair from escaping down the plughole.


Foreign items


Drains often get blocked due to items being flushed down a toilet that aren't supposed to be there. This includes things like nappies, hairgrips, sanitary products, baby wipes, cotton wool and even small toys. Only toilet paper should be flushed down a toilet and even too much of that at once may cause an obstruction, so be mindful of what goes down your loo.


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