What are The Most Interesting Items we Have Found in a Skip?

August 13, 2015

Here at GD Environmental, we’ve seen our fair share of weird and wonderful things discarded in our skips, including our most recent caravan in a skip encounter.

It appears that people don’t just rent skips to dispose of garden rubbish or construction waste, the reality is, it couldn’t be more of the opposite.

So they say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – to see how true this testament really is, we caught up with Jason, the Manager of our Waste Transfer Station.


1. A Caravan in a Skip

Our skip driver Tyrone had an almighty shock when he was called to an address to collect a skip only to discover a whole caravan had been perched on top! Needless to say, GD were unable to collect it and the customer had to dismantle the caravan and place the debris into the skip before removal.

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2. Coffin

Hidden under a pile of wood ends and timber waste, our workers discovered a coffin complete with a crisp oak finish and chrome handles. Judging by the condition of it, the coffin hadn’t been used. To this day, it still remains a mystery how the coffin got there and who it belongs to!


3. Wedding Dress and Memorabilia

Like most keepsakes that have an element of sentimental value, wedding dresses are usually stored under the bed or in an attic as a memento. However, this one didn’t quite have the happy ending intended and was tossed into a skip along with other wedding memorabilia, including photo albums, wedding cards and engraved gifts.


4. A Hamster

It wasn’t until our site operatives were segregating the plastics and the metal from the animal’s cage did they actually realise there was a little hamster residing in there. When we called the owners to tell them, they claimed that they never owned a hamster, and it must have been fly-tipped in their skip by passers-by! But fear not, the little hamster was offered a second chance by the kind people at our local RSPCA centre.


5. Ceramic Pottery

One of our eagle-eyed team spotted a Chinese ceramic vase which turned out to be worth a small fortune. Granted it wasn’t in the best condition, but it was still valued at a whopping £450.


So there you have it, our strangest items ever to be found in our GD skips. We always recommend our customers check out our list of prohibited items before hiring a skip, although we should add caravans and animals onto this.

For more information on how to rent a skip for garden, construction and household waste across wales, call a member of our team on 01633 277755 or send us an enquiry here.