The Whack-A-Bin Campaign

July 27, 2014

GD Environmental‘s popular wheelie bin service, serves a range of customers from large hotels to independent high-street retailers.  Throughout the country, there have been a number of accidents where people have taken refuge in wheelie bins, whether it be homeless people seeking shelter or people under the influence of drugs and alcohol, resulting in a number of fatalities.

A recent study undertaken by The Skip Hire Magazine (2014), discovered that 38% of waste companies, had found homeless people in their bins in the last 12 months. On 5 of these occasions, the person was only discovered when they were tipped into the waste truck, tragically, one of these was found dead on return to the waste depot.

GD Environmental has implemented a company policy, making it mandatory for all operators to visually to check the bins as well ‘kicking’ or ‘whacking’ the outside of the container,  making the person on the inside aware.

As well as encouraging our work-force to take measures, GD Environmental strongly advise our clients to secure their wheelie bin with a lockable devise.

Asides from the obvious tragedy of a preventable death, the trauma that could be suffered on members of our workforce if checks haven’t been made could be extensive – involving emotional distress, time off work and counselling.

 GD is committed to the highest standards of health and safety across all our operations and has therefore implemented the policy below.

Click Here to Download our Whack-A-Bin Policy

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