The Weirdest Things Ever Found in Drains

January 4, 2016

The Drowned Jewels

Street cleaner Arron Large stumbled across what was thought to be a £21,000 Rolex watch when cleaning a drain in London. Days later, he also discovered three more watches - another Rolex, a Frank Muller and an Omega. The watches were thought to have a total value of around £60,000!

Being an honest man Arron handed the drain treasure into local authorities who stated that if the jewels were not claimed within 30 days they would be his - jackpot!

Unfortunately, the owner did come forward and stated they must have been dumped down the drain following a robbery at his home, but also that the watches themselves were not the real deal and indeed just replicas. Arron’s dreams of riches simply got washed away.




The Animal Kingdom All Washed Up

Not something I would imagine our drainage team would like to stumble across when clearing out blocked drains, but in Mississippi, following Hurricane Katrina, a CCTV survey was carried out on a drain to establish the cause of a blockage. The findings brought quite a hair raising surprise when an alligator was discovered! In fact, the animal had bitten through the camera’s cables, but was later acquired by alligator experts… phew!




Another find of an amphibious nature was discovered in drains in Telford, Shropshire when workmen found half a dozen man-eating piranha fish. Known for their razor sharp teeth, powerful jaws and appetite for meat, residents were of course alarmed to learn these predators were swimming around their sewerage system. After being successfully removed, it was believed that someone had flushed these down the toilet after no longer wanting them as pets… yikes!

Like a scene from a prison movie, two cows attempted a daring escape from a French abattoir, however one of them got stuck in a nearby drain! Fortunately the penalty was a bit more relaxed than a jail break as the workers in the abattoir felt the escape attempt was so valiant they let the cow live out the rest of its days happily in a nearby field.




Even harder to believe, rather than getting stuck in a drain, over 1,000 people actually live in the  200 miles of flood tunnels under the Las Vegas strip. Habitants build their little underground dwellings using other people’s cast offs, things just dumped in skips or discarded down drains. 


Clogged Pipes Affect Our Pockets

Ultimately, we pay the price through our water and sewerage bills for blockages and things that shouldn’t be flushed and dumped down our drains. In the UK it costs around £70 million to clean 300,000 blockages every year. Blockages that could potentially could have a 'devastating' impact on our homes and flood them with sewage.

It’s important that we are mindful of what we put down our drains, to keep our pipes running smoothly and our cesspits emptied regularly. If we do experience a blockage, it’s crucial to get it seen to immediately before any repercussions occur.

Whether CCTV surveying is required for a blocked drain or a simple drain clean, with our 24 hour emergency drain cleaning services we are on hand to battle that blockage.




Omer Unlu (CC BY 2.0) ,  smerikal (CC BY-SA 2.0) , Tony Crescibene (CC BY 2.0) ,  darkday (CC BY 2.0), David Morris (CC BY-SA 2.0)