Waste Tranfer Notes & SIC Codes... All You Need To Know

April 15, 2015

As a business, you have a legal obligation to certify that the waste your produce, store, transport and dispose of, is done so compliantly, without harming the environment. This is also referred to as ‘your duty of care’.

What is a Waste Transfer Note? And Why Do You Need One?

A fundamental requirement of the duty of care is to complete a waste transfer note, which defines the type of waste you are transferring. Waste cannot be transferred without one of these, and needs to be completed and signed, by both the waste producer and the waste carrier.

To do this, you must correctly complete the Waste Transfer Note with your ‘SIC Code’ – The Standard Industry Classification code for your industry.

What is a SIC Code?

Every business has a SIC Code, a system for categorising and defining business activities into a common structure by the type of units in which they are engaged. Many companies aren’t aware of this, or their code. To find out your SIC code, or to ensure the SIC code your using is correct, GD Environmental advises you check your code through Companies House, click here to check your SIC Code


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GD Environmental produces Waste Transfer Notes for each and every customer, whether it is providing skip hire services to construction companies across Wales, or effectively recycling large quantities of waste for our commercial customers.

If you have any questions about your SIC code or would like to learn more about our waste removal services, please contact us on 01633 277 755.

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