Turn Your Office into an Eco Zone through Effective Waste Management

September 2, 2015

In this day and age, companies are competing against one another to improve the sustainable performance of their operations, not only to enhance their brand image, but also for the obvious monetary savings benefits.

With big green initiatives being present in most corporate firms, there is more than putting our waste in the correct bins; it’s about taking steps to avoid unnecessary waste, such as using scrap paper for non-essential printing, while also educating employees to make the correct choices, which can make a real difference.

Here we’ve outlined a few simple changes which in practice will have a significant impact on the amount of waste your office produces


1. Waste Assessment

Firstly, you need to identify the quantity of waste your company produces. To do this accurately, we recommend you hire an independent auditor who will examine your operation logs and identify areas where your company can reduce its wasteful ways.

It may also be worth speaking to your electricity and water provider for an assessment. They will be able to provide you with information on usage as well as some handy tips on how to reduce your consumption.


2. Go Paperless

Take a tip out of GD Environmental’s book and introduce preventative measures to turn your company into a paperless company. In many cases, we’re aware it is not always feasible, but you can greatly reduce the amount of paper products your company consumes through a few simple changes.

  • Correspondence – why not do your invoicing and remittance electronically? Not only does this dramatically reduce the amount of paper used, but it saves the time printing and enveloping as well as avoiding the ever-rising postage costs!
  • Online Portal – Here at GD, we have an online waste reporting portal which enables all of our customers to log on externally to retrieve recent invoices, waste breakdowns and a summary of their account.
  • Printing Credits – Issue each employee with a number of credits per quarter, this will prevent them printing unless necessary and encourage them to use the double sided print function!
  •  Server Backup – ensure your server is backed up regularly and electronically meaning no need for hard copies!


3. Energy Management Software

There are number of companies across the UK who specialise in providing software solutions that help businesses to manage their energy usage. The software can be applied to most types of businesses regardless of size, whether you a small office with only a couple of computers to a large manufacturing plant - this could help you dramatically reduce your energy bills.


4. Green Supply Chain

Nowadays, companies are choosing to purchase sustainable goods and services to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. Businesses like to do businesses with likeminded businesses in a drive towards a more sustainable future.

Heard of the saying “buy cheap, pay twice”; it is definitely worth investing in high, quality durable products which are hard-wearing and repairable, increasing their shelf life and minimising wastage.


5. Reusable Products

Forego paper cups and plastic spoons, and consider purchasing ink cartridges in bulk from Office Green a company which buys and collects used toner and inkjet cartridges for recycling, while supplying refills in reused cartridges.

Effective Waste Management