Trailer Trash – Our Strangest Request

August 5, 2015
 skip hire newport

This is what our skip driver Tyrone Covell was greeted with when he was called to collect a skip from a domestic customer in Newport, South Wales.

Tyrone Covell, 43, from Newport has worked as a skip driver at GD Environmental Services for over nine years, and has come across some bizarre things in his time, “including a wedding dress and a coffin but a caravan in a skip is a new one on me”, he said.

When Tyrone realised what he saw called the office straight away to tell them about the abnormal load but “he couldn’t speak as he was laughing too hard” he admitted “I thought the office were pulling a practical joke on me. While I was on the phone I was looking around expecting them to jump out laughing”.

 skip hire newport

GD Environmental took the initial booking last week, where the customer asked a number of questions, including what items are banned from the skip. GD pointed the customer to the list of prohibited items banned from going in the skip on their website.

Following the incident, GD Environmental made contact with the mischievous customer to advise the skip couldn’t be taken in that state and they had two days to remove the caravan and dismantle it, then fill the skip correctly, to the level load sign.

However according to Melissa Hodges of GD Environmental The customer didn't understand why the skip couldn't be collected as “it wasn't included in the list of banned items. It was unbelievable”.

 skip hire newport


The situation thickened when GD Environmental informed its skip hire customer “that tyres are on our list of banned items, therefore there will be an additional charge for them”.

GD Environmental handled the situation in good humour and “thinks they were just pushing it a bit, they had some real cheek! It’s definitely the funniest thing we’ve had in a skip.'

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