Site Waste Management Plans - Do You Need One?

June 4, 2015

Here at GD Environmental our commercial waste team work hand-in-hand with our clients to drive down the cost down of their waste, by promoting the reuse, recycle and recovery of their wastes through the implementation of a tailor-made site waste management plan. Whether it be for a one off project or multi-site operations, GD Environmental can ensure your company fulfils their legal obligation, while offering a number of cost saving benefits.


A Site Waste Management Plan Explained…

A SWMP is designed before any construction activity begins (If already underway, you are advised to prepare one immediately). The purpose of which is to estimate the waste streams and the quantities of which will be produced from your project.

As soon as the project commences, you are legally required to record the removal of waste streams and quantity. Enabling site managers to produce reports ensuring the waste is dealt with in the most effective and profitable way possible.

The importance of a SWMP cannot be undermined, and is a legal requirement for any construction or demolition project worth £300,000 or more. Should the project be in the excess of £500,000, then the requirements become more detailed.


The Three Main Aims of A SWMP

There are three main aims of a SWMP:

  • Improve Efficiency and Profitability – By encouraging reuse, recycling and the recovery of your waste, we can reduce your disposal costs by avoiding heavy landfill taxations, while improving the sustainability of the project.
  • Reduce Fly Tipping – By keeping a full audit trail of the waste produced and removed for your site ensures it is taken to a licenced facility, like one of our waste transfer and recycling stations, while complying with the Duty of Care Regulations
  •  Increasing Environmental Awareness – With your environmental performance embedded into your operations, it’s likely to have a positive knock-on effect on your workers. Environmental awareness is becoming an integral part in many companies’ training plan.


What Are The Benefits of a Site Waste Management Plan?

Here at GD, we recognise a number of cost saving and environmental benefits of introducing a SWMP into your operations, with some of the obvious benefits including:

  • Time Saving and Compliance – Should The Environmental Agency or Natural Resource Wales require information about the waste produced on site; you are able to answer queries quickly and efficiently.
  • Avoid Prosecution – Ensuring your projects are compliant and legal.
  • Win New Business – Demonstrating your environmental performance, which will make you a far more attractive company to do business with. It will also prove advantageous in the tendering and procurement process.
  • Understand and Reduce Disposal Costs –Avoiding hefty landfill taxation costs.
  • Enhanced Reputation – The ability to boast about your recycling figures, enhancing your reputation.
  • The Environment – Managing your materials and waste streams responsibly possesses less risk to the local environment.
  • Future Projects – When your SWMP is complete, standing you in good stead to implement into your next project.


The Legal Bit…

There are four bodies which enforce The Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008: The Environment Agency; any local government principal authority, any district or county council.

Failure to produce a SWMP can result in prosecutions for both the construction company and the individuals responsible. With a £50,000 fine, or on-the-spot penalties at stake, it has never been more important to ensure your project has a SWMP.

Click here for a full copy of The Site Waste Management Plan Regulations (2008).


How Can We Help With Your Commercial Waste Management

Not only can GD Environmental help improve the sustainability of your project by working with you to design a SWMP. We also offer an interactive reporting facility that delivers a comprehensive waste break down, including how much of your waste has been diverted from landfill to recycling. If your a construction site working in Newport, Cardiff, Swansea or Llanelli, don't hesitate in giving us a call on 01633 277755 or email us on

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