It’s more than a load of old rubbish… A skip can be a car, garden and skate park!

September 28, 2015

Like most people who have hired a skip, it has been used to accommodate some household junk or garden waste. But as a matter of fact, some people have used them to create masterpieces of modern day art.

Here we take a look at the extensive measures some people have gone to, to make sure they get more than a load of old rubbish out of their skips.


1. World’s Fastest Skip Car

Admittedly, this is one of our own, but as you may agree, it’s not your average builders skip. Despite taking a team of mechanics six weeks to build, the 8 yard skip has been attached to the base of an Impreza WRX TypeR chassis. Our skip car, weighs a whopping 1.1 tonnes and has been dubbed ‘The World’s Falsest Skip Car’ after it was clocked reaching 93mph on a 400 metre drag racing circuit at Santa Pod!

 skip hire newport


2. Swimming Pool

Here we look at both ends of the spectrum, ranging from a luxurious 35 Yard Roll on Roll off skip which has been converted into a large swimming pool equipped with its own patio deck for the whole family to enjoy. At the other end of the spectrum however, is a scruffy old 8 yard lined skip, complete with a set of steps, all you need is the sun to shine and a handful of snorkels.

(images L-R credit Daily Mail)

 skip hire newport


3. Skip Tennis

This rather creative skip turned into a games table proves that you no longer need to travel to the arcade to play a bit of ping pong. Even better, you can blame your poor performance on the ‘rubbish’ table conditions.

 skip hire newport


4. Half Pipe

If you’re a skateboarding fan or an adrenaline junkie then this is one for you! A skating half pipe has been created from the inside of an 8 yard skip container. Not only is this a super idea, but it is also great for the environment too, as you’d no longer emit your carbon footprint traveling back and forth to the skate park, instead you’d have your very own skate park in your back garden!

skip hire cwmbran


5. A Little Bit of Greenery

This is your chance to use your car parking space wisely! If you’re a city goer who is eager to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then why don’t you consider creating your own little green space! Whether it is used for coffee or lunch breaks, or even business meetings, make the most of the fresh air in your own little area of tranquillity

skip hire cwmbran

Are you looking for skips for hire? Here at GD Environmental, we take our hats off to these creative masterminds, who really go on to prove that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable skips for hire across Wales give us a call today on 01633 277755 or contact us here.