The Ins and Outs of Bulky Waste Collection and Skip Hire

September 10, 2015

Here at GD Environmental, we pride ourselves on our affordable and friendly household junk removal, whether it be a singular bulky item you need collecting or a full household clearance, we have a number of options suitable for you!


Whether it be an old mattress you need collecting, or a skip to accommodate your garden waste, we will find a solution for your household waste, and in the unlikely event we can’t, then we’ll call in a helping hand from our sister company Junk4Joy who will! Here are some of our most popular requests;


Fridge Freezers

New laws introduced back in 2002, meant that we are no longer allowed to discard our unwanted fridge freezers like we would other electrical appliances – legislation now requires for all Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) to be removed, also known as de-gassing before they can be disposed of. 

Here at GD Environmental’s licensed recycling facilities, we can recover the cooling systems, foam, plastics and metals for reuse and recycling – providing our customers with sound peace of mind that their old fridge freezer has been disposed of legally and compliantly, all for just £45.


Car Tyres

Are those tainted old tyres around the side of your house causing you a problem? Well it’s not just you, they are becoming a real headache for local government and police due the amplified fire risks and the pollution they can cause on our local environment when left to decompose. But fear not, GD’s network of waste transfer stations can accept used car and HGV tyres from as little as £3.50 per tyre!



The Environment Agency has prohibits the disposal of plasterboard at landfill with other biodegradable wastes because of its sulphate content. Causing a real problem for those who are having house renovations done or doing DIY work – but GD have a solution for you! If your hiring a skip, we will allow you to dispose of a small amount of plasterboard in the skip (less than 5%), or alternatively you can hire a skip purely for plasterboard!

How much to hire a skip? Our prices vary on skip size and the quality of plasterboard you want to dispose of, so contact a member of the GD team today!


All things WEEE – Computer Monitors and Televisions

Long gone are the days where you can discard of your old TV or computer monitor with your weekly waste collection. Most monitoring equipment contains large quantities of lead and glass as well as a hazardous phosphorous coating which is present on the inside of screens!

Waste contractors will not accept these items as general waste. Here at GD, you can either bring your old monitors into one of our waste transfer stations, or arrange for us to collect them! We can take these off your hands for a mere £12.50! However, we will need to complete a hazardous waste consignment note at the price of £35.00 to demonstrate that all items have been recycled in line with current legislation.


Asbestos Sampling

If you’ve discovered a suspicious looking material in your home, which you suspect may be asbestos, try our quick and efficient asbestos sampling service. Following the results, we have a team of hazardous waste specialists here to provide you with all the help and guidance you may require.

Asbestos Sampling Services

Eco Friendly Affordable Household Rubbish Disposal

By choosing to hire a GD skip, you are making a greener better choice, you are choosing to hire a skip from one of the most environmentally friendly skip hire services in the country.

Whatever you choose to fill your skip with, whether it is rotting old carpets, or a battered old side unit, or perhaps a broken tricycle, GD Environmental will endeavour to recycle more than 96% of waste at its waste transfer stations in Newport and Llanelli.  We even run a fleet of fuel efficient trucks, reducing the emissions we produce, and cut the mileage through the use of our regional depots.