How to Skip Collection Day

November 4, 2015

With at home recycling becoming an expectation, the majority of us now have our rubbish bins emptied once a fortnight, as opposed to the traditional weekly pickups. This is due to Welsh councils being targeted to significantly increase their recycling efforts; with Cardiff residents even receiving notices for putting out the incorrect waste.

These initiatives are of course to encourage us to minimise the amounts we are throwing away each week and make the conscious effort to consider our household impact on the environment.

Cardiff Council offer advice on managing your waste, as well as letting you know when your bins are getting collected (check with your local authority to get the info relevant to your area).

This initiative may seem simple in theory and perhaps easily achievable most of the time, but on the occasions where you seem to have too much trash to handle, there are an array of ways you can manage your rubbish, without having overflowing bins on your doorstep on the countdown to collection day.


The Only Way is Upcycle!

Though it may sound like some sort of new fitness craze, upcycling refers to reusing unloved, discarded items and injecting them with a new lease of life, a new purpose. This buzzword is often referred to by fashion and interior design bloggers as the latest trend, which is fantastic news for your bank balance, home, wardrobe and of course your carbon footprint.

Upcycling tips:

  • Revamp Your Own Wardrobe: Cut, sew, tie and transform that black top or pair of jeans that have been hanging in your wardrobe, for like forever! Anyway, buying new is so last year darling!


If you don’t feel that you’re quite ready to exhibit for Cardiff Fashion Week there are many upcycling blogs on the internet that can show you simple yet effective ways to add some sparkle to even the most dated of wardrobes.

If you don’t feel like taking the scissors to any garments why not browse the local charity shops, second hand sellers on the internet or host a clothes swapping party with your friends (if anything, this could be a chance to dress up and have a bit of fun).

  • Shabby Chic Your Furniture: Décor having a distressed and aged appearance is also a massive trend of the moment, which is great news for us.



It means that we don’t need to be a skilled craftsman or decorator to revive our well-loved furnishings. Pretty much all you need is some sandpaper, varnish remover, primer and paint and you can create a masterpiece! You can transform a room; actually, why not the whole house!

Again there are so many blogs with hints and tips to achieving this look, you are not alone. If you already love your own furniture but want something new, why not buy a second hand piece and have a go at upcycling someone else’s trash into your treasure


Reuse, Re-Home and Re-Love.

Of course, if you really feel there is no hope for any of your clothes or household items but they could be of use to someone else, why not donate them to a good cause and give them a chance to be loved again.

Other ways to say goodbye to your goods:

  • Charity donation centres and retail outlets

  • Charity donation banks (often found in the car park of your local supermarkets)

  • Yard and car boot sales

  • Auctions: online or local

  • Your local recycling centre

  • Domestic skip hire

At GD Environmental we want to help you tackle the bulge of your bin. In fact we recycle over 95% of the waste we receive, so if you are looking to offload some of your trash find out about our Cardiff skip hire and together we can make a difference.


Call us on 01633 277755 or contact us here.

(Main image: The City of Cardiff Council Facebook)