How plastic is recycled

November 16, 2016

Whilst people will happily sort their cardboard from their tin cans, there's a common misconception that plastic can't be recycled. Many actually think that plastic is simply destined for a landfill site. Happily, that is no longer the case, and hasn't been for many years. Whilst plastic is non-biodegradable, it's possible to break it back down into its different polymers and make new products from it.

What kind of plastic can be recycled? 

All kinds! One can recycle anything from domestic to commercial plastic. So not only can your plastic bottles be broken down, but it's also possible to reprocess most industrial polymers. These include the likes of PP Plastics (polypropylene plastics), PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic), and UPVC (unplasticized poly vinyl chloride). It's important to take in and reprocess such heavy duty plastics, to prevent the contamination of agricultural and industrial land. The more plastic taken in, the less that goes into a landfill site, and that's a winning situation for everyone.

What happens to the plastic next?

Plastics will be taken to recycling facilities where they're sorted into their respective grades. Plastic grades are numbered groups from 1 to 7 (everything from PVC to polystyrene). It then goes through the breakdown process, where it is granulated and all set to be recycled. This usually involves heat. When broken down, you have the raw materials to make new plastic products. Recycled products are not only cost-effective but better for your carbon footprint. With this, the cycle of recycling is complete.

What does GD Environmental do?

GD Environmental have been recycling plastics since 2003 and we recycle 95% of all waste we collect. The fact that we reprocess so much plastic and sell on recycled plastic products is one of the many reasons we're becoming one of the first carbon positive companies in the UK. If you'd like to learn more about our services, or talk to us about our plastic collection and disposal service, don't hesitate to contact us. And next time you hear that myth from someone that plastic can't be recycled - you point them in our direction!