How Often Should I Empty My Cesspit? And Other FAQs

May 12, 2015

Here at GD Environmental, we often receive a number of questions when it comes to liquid waste management, and in particular the maintenance and emptying of your household cesspits.

So, we have put together this handy blog post to answer as many of those frequently asked questions as possible.


How Often Should I Have My Cesspit Emptied? 

We get asked this a lot! And it appears everyone seems to have differing opinions, ranging from your neighbour who thinks it never needs to be emptied as it’s self-cleaning, to the Environment Agency who recommends it being emptied once a year.

The frequency also depends on a number of factors; the size of your property, size of the tank, the number of occupants and the general usage, such as the amount of people bathing or showering every day.


How Do I Know it Needs Emptying?

You can usually determine if your tank needs emptying due to an unpleasant odour coming from your tank. GD Environmental suggests you follow The Environment Agency’s guidelines and arrange for your cesspit to be emptied on an annual basis to prevent any offensive odours and blockages.


What Maintenance Does My Cesspit Require?

Cesspits are relatively low maintenance, providing they are emptied regularly. This can be easily arranged by calling GD Environmental on 01633 277755.

We also advise that you don’t allow flammable liquids to enter the system and keep the service area around the cesspit (manhole) free from overgrown plants and weeds.

Regular maintenance also prevents your tank from overflowing or leaking. Should this happen, it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent it polluting nearby land and water.


What Should I do if My Tank is Shared with Other Properties?

This is very common, and we empty many shared tanks. We suggest you either split the invoice or arrange to alternate payments.  


Do I Need to be There When the Cesspit is Being Emptied?

No, providing one of our GD Environmental tankers can easily access the sewerage tank, you are not required to be at the property.


Who Can Empty My Cesspit?

To comply with legislation issued by Natural Resource Wales and The Environment Agency, homeowners are legally obliged to appoint a registered waste carrier to empty your cesspit.

As licenced waste carriers, GD Environmental are certified by Natural Resource Wales to empty cesspits across England and Wales, where we provide all of our customers with a ‘duty of care’ note to certify that the cess waste has been collected legally and disposed of at a certified sewer farm.


Should you wish to make an appointment for GD Environmental to empty your household cesspit, please do not hesitate in giving us a call today 01633 277755 or email us on


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