Garden Landscaping – Disguising Your Cesspit

September 23, 2015

Homeowners, with a septic tank or cesspit drainage system, typically have one bug bear in common; their unsightly cesspit lids!

Although, the simplest option to overcome the unsightly pit would be to plant a tree next to it, however if there is one thing homeowners shouldn’t do, then it’s this! The roots will eventually find their way into the leach lines and start clogging the drain fields.

While contemplating different set-ups to disguise your cesspit, it is equally important to consider the accessibility of the manhole for cesspit maintenance. It is recommended that you follow The Environment Agency’s guidelines and arrange for your cesspit to be emptied on an annual basis to prevent any offensive odours and blockages.

So taking the above into consideration, check out our solutions to jazz up you cesspit lid aka ‘riser’.


Enhancing the Riser

Most people purposely choose a green riser to try and blend it in with the greenery and the garden surroundings. However, some choose to make a feature out of the riser, so why not try creating a piece of mosaic art! All you require for this is a sprinkling of creativity, some glue and a couple of tile cut offs!


From Unappealing to Main Feature

The easiest way to disguise your septic riser is by simply placing something over it, whether it be covering it with some decorative rocks to constructing a rockery, or placing a bird bath on top of the lid. Or you could just simply position a large lawn ornament over the top of it!



In most cases, the soil above the septic tank is commonly drier than the surrounding soil and not the best breeding ground for your plants, so you need to make your choices carefully! You should select plants that thrive in drier conditions, such as grass. So, the best recommendation for this would be to camouflage your cesspit with Japanese Forest Grass. This is a great, low maintenance, easy care grass which is ideal for camouflaging any eyesores, including a cesspit lid. A khaki coloured plant that blends in perfectly with the cesspit lids, this evergreen plant has a fibrous root system rather than a wide-spreading one, which will prevent any future interference with the tank.


So there you have it, a few simple and cost effective suggestions to conceal your septic tank. It is important to note that regular cesspit maintenance is essential to keep it in good working order, preventing blockages and overflowing into your garden. If you’re based in Wales, contact GD Environmental for speedy and flexible domestic cesspit emptying.

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