Enclosed Skips – Don’t Be Liable for Other People’s Waste

June 18, 2015

Our enclosed skips are suited to a wide range of scenarios, including those householders who are concerned about onlookers disposing of their unwanted junk in your skip.

With this in mind, a lockable or enclosed skip maybe the best solution for you. With a range of sizes available for hire, these skips have been purposely designed to keep the waste in them secure, and are among the most popular sort currently available on the skip hire market.

So here are the most common reasons why people choose to hire a lockable skip instead of an open one;


Prevent any Unauthorised Access

If your home is located in an urban or built-up area, then you may be concerned about unauthorised access to your skip and people fly-tipping their waste into it. By hiring an enclosed skip eliminates the risk of this, but it also stops those nosey neighbours rummaging through your unwanted belongings.


Keep it Neat and Tidy

Not only are overflowing skips an eye-sore, they’re also a potential hazard waiting to happen. Should your skip be poorly loaded, with the contents hanging over the sides, there is a possibility of debris falling onto the pathway or road, potentially causing harm to passers-by.


Public and Environmental Considerations

Should your property be located in close proximity to neighbours’ homes, or a school, or perhaps a public pathway, then it may be advisable to hire a lockable skip. This will prevent any dust, littler and debris from the skip getting blown away and polluting the environment around you.


Will it Take Up More Space than An Open Skip?

No, the length and width are exactly the same. There is however an increase in the skip’s height.


Price War

Our prices between a lockable skip and open skip vary slightly; however, other skip companies tend to charge slightly more due to the demand. The lead time on an enclosed skip can be slightly longer than that of an open skip due to their popularity.

So there you have it, a lockable skip can provide you with a level of security which eliminates the possibility of passers-by fly-tipping their waste into your skip, while providing you with the peace of mind that your rubbish isn’t going to blow around and pollute your local community.


The only thing you have to worry about is providing the lockable device to keep the skip secure, and we’ll take care of the rest. For more information, including prices and availability for skip hire in Wales, call a member of our friendly team today on 01633 277755.

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