Drain Surveys and a New Home: Your Questions Answered

January 14, 2016

Due to common law practice within the UK the seller relinquishes responsibility of a property when a sale in finalised. Therefore it is crucial as the home buyer that you are fully aware of what you are purchasing, (the good, the bad and the ugly!) as ultimately it’s going to be you who fits the bill once you have signed on that dotted line.




Surveying Drain Systems Before Buying

Blocked or defective drain systems can cost home buyers a small fortune, which is the last thing you need when moving into your new home! Therefore it is a good investment to have the drains surveyed before the sale is finalised, any issues found could even be used to negotiate the asking price with the seller.

Get your drains surveyed by a certified drainage surveyor, such as GD Environmental, as the findings from them will be accepted by mortgage and insurance companies if they do require this prior to agreeing your terms. This may be particularly common in areas with a high flood risk.


Why Order a Drainage Survey Before Purchasing a Property?

Drain surveys can have an array of benefits for home buyers, not just satisfying the mortgage company to enable lending or insurance companies for protection. They could also be used to inform water companies about defects in the drain system which could save you money on your water bills, as well as helping to spot any inherent problems or repairs needed.

Commons issues with pipes and drain systems are:

  • Fractures

  • Leaks

  • Blockages

  • Collapsed underground

  • Root intrusions

CCTV surveys are able to uncover an array of potential hazards and issues within drainage systems, they pin-point the exact problem area without causing any auxiliary damage.



New Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Problem Free!

Home buyers should not assume that because their home is a new build that the drain system is in good condition, as newly built homes could have had the drains laid incorrectly. So whether the property is old or new, a drain survey is recommended.

Problems in drainage often lead to blockages which, as well as the inconvenience, floods and perhaps smell, can cost you a great deal to put right!

GD Environmental are drain systems specialists and can survey any size drain. With our accuracy and extensive capabilities, we have become an industry leading operative in our field. 

Findings of our surveys are backed up onto DVD for reference and once the cause is established GD Environmental will work with you to provide effective drainage solutions for any issues discovered.




Don’t let the excitement of your house move go down the drain, contact GD Environmental and get your drain survey completed today!


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