Choosing the right size skip

December 2, 2016

So you need to hire a skip. What size skip should you order?

A common mistake is to underestimate the amount of waste that you are looking for us to take away. This means that you end up with a skip that is far too small to do the job, leaving the skip to become overfilled. On the contrary is the issue of getting one that’s too big, which will obviously solve the issue of overfilling, but will mean that you will be paying, in essence, for fresh air.

Fortunately, there is no need to worry about either of these scenarios, as with our help, you’ll soon be able to gauge your skip hire requirements. Here’s how.

Skip sizes are measured in cubic yards – which from now on will be referred to as yards. As we are specialists in skip hire provision here at GD Environmental, we stock a range of 8 different skips, ranging from the 2 yard size right up to our commercial 40 yards size.

Our handy skip hire guide will give you a pretty good idea of what amount of waste will fit into each size. For example, the little 5 yard midi skip size is estimated to be able to carry somewhere in the region of 30 to 42 normal-size black bin bags, whereas the next size up, the 8 yard builders' skip, will be able to hold more like 48 to 56 standard sized bin bags. At the top end of the scale, the 40 yard, roll-on roll-off skip will be able to take around 250 standard sized bin bags.

So there you go: by using our handy guide and calculating your requirements in terms of numbers of bin bags, you should be able to avoid the skip hire scenarios of going too small or too big.