Can I live with Asbestos in my home?

July 22, 2015

I Have Asbestos in My House – What Are The Risks to My Health?

In many cases the presence of asbestos in the home has no associated risks to a person’s health, and the risks associated to the day-to-day exposure are minimal. It is not until the asbestos material becomes disturbed or damaged that immediate action should be taken.

If the material has not been damaged and displays no major signs of wear, tear or degradation, it can often be left in place, as it is not releasing any fibres into the atmosphere. 

It is worth remembering that it is not until the asbestos becomes damaged, usually through DIY or renovation projects, does your health become at risk. When the asbestos is disturbed the fibres become airborne and are released, it is when these fibres are inhaled that it can cause harm to your health.


What Should I do if I find Asbestos in the Home?

If you find something suspicious looking in your home, which you think may be asbestos, make sure you follow the golden rule;



Get it checked                                                  

If you discover asbestos in your home, it is recommended that it is removed quickly and professionally by a Hazardous Waste Contractor.

If you are unsure whether the material is hazardous or not, we recommend the material is sampled to detect if it contains asbestos. This service is easily available from a number of asbestos removal companies across the UK, including us! For more information on this service check out our hazardous sampling page or call a member of our team on 01633 277755.


Getting the Asbestos Removed

As a homeowner, you may legally remove and transport the asbestos to a licensed facility. However, it is during this process it presents risks to your health, so it is crucial it is handled and transported safely and vigilantly. Many choose to appoint a Hazardous Waste Contractor or asbestos removal company, like us, to do this on their behalf. We have the correct Hazardous Waste Licences and personnel to provide the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos.


What should I do if I’ve been exposed to asbestos?

It is believed that low level exposure is considered to be ‘insignificant’ and is very unlikely to lead to disease.  Developing a disease related to asbestos is related to 2 factors;

  • The quantity of fibres inhaled
  • The duration of exposure

If you think you have been exposed to asbestos fibres, you may wish to discuss your concerns with a doctor. However, it would not prove beneficial to have an x-ray as it takes many years for the effects of asbestos to become visible.


Call in the Professionals

If you have concerns about the presence of asbestos in your home, or would like more information on our asbestos sampling service, you can call us on 01633 277755 or email We are one of few asbestos removal companies in the UK to operate a licenced hazardous transfer station, and have a team of specially trained personnel to safely and legally remove and dispose of your asbestos waste.