Be Crafty With Your Recycling This Half Term!

February 17, 2016



With half term nearly half way through, think outside the box to keep your kids occupied with our top tips!

Better still, they won’t cost a penny to produce, will clear out your old clutter, and keep your children occupied for hours!


 Tin Can Stilts

Tin Can Stilts


Whether you’re a fan of baked beans, tomato soup, or you've got that lone can of chickpeas you never remember to use, we've all got tins we can re-purpose. Simply, paint, decorate and get someone with a steady hand to drill holes for strings! You can even use old sponges, by cutting them into shapes and dipping them in paint, to create quirky patterns. Just remember to keep your earplugs handy to drown out the sound!


Used Toilet Role Tubes


With the toilet role crafting craze spreading across the internet; it is amazing what you can create from a mountain of used toilet tubes.

Give your house a new lease of life and design some bunting to decorate your door frames. All you need for this festival inspired project is bags of enthusiasm, a heap of used toilet roles, double sided sticky tape, and some decorations!

The method behind this creative treasure is simple, divide each toilet roll into 6 equal sections, squash flat and cut them out. Get your double sided sticky tape out and place a small piece on a side of the cut out, and stick the sections together to create a star-shape. Simply spray with paint, and thread a piece of ribbon through them!

Or if that seems a little too ambitious, get out your paint brushes and get your kids to create their very own monster men (as in the front image)!


Bird feeders


Promote wildlife in your garden, and encourage your children to recycle, by creating this owl inspired bird feeder made from your old orange juice carton. All you need is the following DIY kit;

-           A juice CartonCardboard Box

-          2 Large Pop Bottle Lids

-          2 Small Orange Carton Lids

-          2 Cup Case Casings

-          Some googly eyes

-          A lolly pop stick

-          A Stanley Knife

-          Some PVA glue

-          Some paints/crayons


Cut out a square in the middle of the carton so the birds can access the feed, make an insertion just below to poke through a lolly pop stick for the birds to perch on.

Cut out two wings on either side of the carton, to form wings, and use the old pop bottle lids to create the eyes and decorate as desired!

Or if the owl looks a little bit too resourceful for you, why not try the easier and quicker option, just by using an old pop bottle, some wooden spoons and some bird feed!


Find that method at the RSPB website here:



This is just a small insight of what you can make out of recycled materials that can be found around the home! If you’re doing a larger up-cycling project, why don’t you try contacting a waste management company like GD Environmental Services, who may be able to assist with the donation of recycled commodities such as cardboard, plastic and wood.