20 Random Recycling Facts

May 19, 2016

Facts About Recycling Cans:

recycling cans 

1.    The average UK household uses 600 cans a year
2.    Making 1  can requires the same amount of energy as recycling 20
3.    The energy saved from recycling 1 can could power your TV for 3 hours
4.    We would need 14million less bins if all the cans in the UK were recycled after use
5.    80 billion cans are used around the world each year


Facts About Recycling Glass:

recycling glass 

6.    The energy saved from recycling 1 glass jar/bottle could power your computer for 20 minutes
7.    90% of a green glass bottle is made from recycled material


Facts About Recycling Paper:

recycling paper

8.    17 trees are saved for every tonne of newspaper that is recycled
9.    Recycling paper saves 80% of the energy it would require to make it from raw materials
10.    A tonne of newspaper is made from 24 trees


Facts About Recycling Plastic:

recycling plastic

11.    The average recycled fleece jacket is made from 25 two litre plastic bottles
12.    The energy saved from recycling 1 plastic bottle could power a 60W lightbulb for 6 hours


General Recycling Facts:

recycling skip

13.    On average, 60% of rubbish could be recycled
14.    Britain’s largest lake could be filled with the country’s waste in less than 8 months
15.    16% of the average product is packaging that you ultimately throw away
16.    Trillions of Styrofoam cups are thrown away each year, 25 trillion of which come from the USA
17.    600 million batteries are thrown away each year
18.    Nappies take more than 500 years to break down and decompose
19.    Glass containers now weigh 30% less than 30 years ago
20.    Aluminium is the second most used metal in the world, but it is also the third most abundant material in the Earth’s crust


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